Spa & Recreation


Our Gymnasium, Health Club and Spa will really refresh, rejuvenate and re-energize your soul!
Our ayurvedic Indian & western massages helps you relax and stay in shape.

We have an in-house experienced Ayurvedic Doctor who is specialized in various massages, therapies and treatments that includes Panchkarma treatments such as

Kizhi – Body massage using medicated oils with bundles of herbal leaves for treatment of body aches and swellings.
Vasti – The treatment for back pain and joint pains using a dough reservoir of medicated oils.
Netra tarpan – The eye treatment using dough reservoir of medicated ghee around the eyes in case of eye strain and for better vision.
Karna puranam – The ear treatment by filling the ear with medicated oils and fumigation.
Nasyam – The medicated oil administered through nostrils for relieving sinuses and to have proper nourishment of the nerves etc..
Udvartanam – Medicated powder massage for weight loss management.

Spa and Aroma Therapies which includes Aroma Facials, Ayurvedic Herbal Facials, Body Polishing etc..





25 kilometres from Goa airport,

10 kms from Madgaon Railway Station

8 kms from Kadamba Bus Stand (Margao)